December 30, 2009

[Haks] How to charge via USB without ActiveSync

Problem: hot to recharg my Windows Mobile handset through the USB port of my PC without having ActiveSync starting all the time (and swithing on the mobile).

Solution: a very simple hacked USB extension cable.

How-to: fisrt, get an USB extension cable (any, ... the cheapest...).

E.g. this is mine:

The idea is to hack the cable to get a new one that only extends the two power pins (+5V and ground) and not the 2 data pins. Inside the USB plug, the data pins are the ones in the middle while the power pins are the others.

So cut the male and female plugs leaving some cable attached:

Strip the insulator:

Here's what you get:

What you have to do is to identify the two cables related to +5V and ground and re-connect them together (leaving the other two cables unconnected).

First, with a multimeter, identify the +5V and ground cables (the two cables connected to the pins located at the edge of the USB plug). Usually they are red and black, but non always! (in my extension cable it was not the case!):

Then re-connect these two cables together:

Please, pay attention: same color with same color. Please, also note that the other two unconnected cables have been cut at different lenghts (to avoid any short-circuit).

Solder, insulate and recreate a new short USB "charging-only" extension cable:

Check the connections with the multimeter!

Then, all you have to do is use this extension cable with your personal USB cable to connect your device to the USB port of the PC.

This will charge the device... without the ActiveSync popup!!