June 27, 2010

BreadBoard friendly Wii Nunchuk adapter

Planning to make some experiments with Arduino and a Wii Nunchuk (plenty of info in the web! just googling "Arduino Wii Nunchuck"), I needed a solution to interface easily with a Nunchuck without having to cut the cord or buying any specific extension cable or an adapter.

The interface of the Wii Remote where a Nunchuk is to be connected seems familiar:

It is similar to a Firewire (the following picture shows a standard Firewire plug, not a mini one):

and, in effect, the Firewire connector plugs-in very well :

That means the plug on the Nunchuck is almost similar to a Firewire plug:

Here's a closer view:

Since I had a broken old Firewire card lying around, I wanted to use the connector on that card:

So I desoldered it, and removed the metal shield case:

Gently folding the pins, it is possible to give them a form compatible with the BreadBoard holes. Moreover, this connector has some extra plastic pins that don't allow to insert it in the Nunchuk cable:

So I had to remove them:

Here is the connector. To perfectly fit the Nunchuk it is necessary to gently trim the width of the portion shown in the following figure:

It fits really well in the Nunchuk plug!

And it fits well on a BreadBoard, too!

Now it's easy to experiment...