August 9, 2010

Minimal Arduino on a Droids 1000Pads

This is a minimal Arduino built with minimal components using the excellent Droids 1000Pads Mini Basic Breadboard from DROIDS.

Here is the layout:

Here is a possible generic exposure of ATMEGA pins:

Here is a realization. Please, note that flipping the 1000Pads Mini Breadboard you have to reverse the power strips (+ and -) with respect to the previous layout schema.

And here is the Minimal Arduino running the blink example (the ATMEGA chip is on two stacked IC sockets).

Power is coming from a simple 5V regulator based on 7805.

Please, note that this implementation takes the schematics from this official standalone version, but it has a strange wiring of AREF pin to VCC(+5V). This should be avoided (accordingly to ATMEGA328 datasheet) and, in fact, official Arduino schematics does not have such a connection, and adds a 100nF cap between AREF and GND for noise reduction when using analog input pins. You can refer to this new post for a more correct version.