August 23, 2010

YAMA - Yet Another Minimal Arduino

Yes, yet another minimal Arduino, using a simple stripboard. It comes with a 5V regulator on-board. Here is the schematics ad parts list:

It is also easy to build a minimal shield, to build projects on top. Here is how:

Here is a minimal-Arduino implementation:

Here is a shield implementation (it uses self-made extra-long stackable headers, something like these ones, that can be easily soldered under the stripboard):

And here is the minimal Arduino with its shield on top:

...ready to host some project...

Please, note that this implementation takes the schematics from this official standalone version, but it has a strange wiring of AREF pin to VCC(+5V). This should be avoided (accordingly to ATMEGA328 datasheet) and, in fact, official Arduino schematics does not have such a connection, and adds a 100nF cap between AREF and GND for noise reduction when using analog input pins. You can refer to this new post for a more correct version.