September 5, 2010

SD Card Interface

Thanks to this post on the Arduino Blog, I've managed to realize a simple SD Card interface to connect Arduino to an SD card (not only for data logging, but also for data reading - e.g. configuration info, etc.).

This is the schematic I've used, based on a MC14050B Non-inverting Hex-buffer to adapt SD card 3.3V levels to 5V levels of Arduino.

As 3.3V supply I've used this one.

Here's the realization on a stripboard:

The SD card holder has been soldered on a small piece of stipboard (on the strips side):

Here it is:


Here's another implementation following the same schematics. It uses a more stripboard-friendly version of an SD card adapter salvaged from the first version of the official Arduino Ethernet Shield (that has this adapter on-board but does not have all the circuitry to correctly interface to an SD card).