October 16, 2010

Arduino-ISP (In-System Programmer) made easy

Just wanted to burn Arduino bootloader on ATMEL ATMEGA chips in an easy way to transfer projects from the Arduino board to permanents boards (e.g. this ones).

Arduino is already capable of writing the bootloader on an ATMEGA chip using a specific sketch provided in the examples folder of Arduino SDK, as explained in the official tutorial. To play with the option named "targeting an AVR on a breadboard" I've used a more stable version based on the following schematics, using a stripboard and a ZIF socket:

It contains some additional resistors and the status LEDs foreseen in ArduinoISP sketch (Heartbit, Error and Programming LEDs).

This is a realization on a stripboard:

This is how it can be connected to Arduino board (I'm using some salvaged connectors):

I'm using an angled piece of pin-strip with a pin a bit folded apart to fit the odd spacing on Arduino board: