May 6, 2012

My own realization of Hackvision

To save my precious Hackvision, relying on the fact that it is very similar to an Arduino board, I've first loaded Hackvision firmware to my 2009, adding A/V connection through this one.

Everithing worked fine, so I've moved to a standalone version of a minimal Arduino (smilar to this one), adding a battery holder and a voltage regulator (similar to this one, because I also wanted to power a connected Wii Nunchuk with 3.3V rather than 5V), and put everithing in one of these project boxes).

Now, my precious Hackvision is free to experiment with.

Arduino TVOut Library Hardware Setup

Since I want to use this amazing TVOut library (composite video output library), I've realized a small circuit following the main directions on the main TVOut page and the good modifications added for the Hackvision board (by nootropic design).

Here's the schematic on a stripboard:

And here's a picture of a realization (using a double RCA connector salvaged from old electronics):