June 24, 2012

Hackvision retro gaming consolle in Ikea Rationell Variera

I was planning to put my Hackvision in a pleasant enclosure, that was compact and comfortable enough to be used with ease. Hackvision is an astonishing retro gaming platform based on Arduino.

I went to the Ikea store and eventually discovered the Rationell Variera box (24 x 17 cm):
It is really nice to be handled and beautiful in white gloss.

Of course, I'm going to use it the other way around:

I've bought a retro gaming joystick and three retro gaming push buttons, too (one of them is lit up by an internal LED - I'll use it as a power-on indicator).

Two linear potentiometers (10K) with knob complete the hardware needed to interact with this retro gaming consolle.

I've decided where to put the controllers:

And made some holes with the help of a 2cm drill bit for wood. Here's the shcema I've followed to wire the controllers to the Hackvision board (with the help of the official Hackvision pinout and the official instructions tu build two paddle controllers that will replace my old ones):

Here's my new consolle (front view):

and rear view (the RCA audio and video connectors are visible on the back side):

All the electronics (Hackvision board, battery holder etc.) fit nicely inside the enclosure. Now I'm ready to play Space Invaders, Pong, and the other available games.

UPDATED: featured on Ikea Hackers!