January 12, 2013

Arduino based data logging thermometer in IKEA RIBBA frame

And featured on Hack A Day, too!

I was looking for a nice enclosure to host my latest project (an Arduino baased data logging thermometer with multiple sensors) and, once again, I came to an Ikea product, a RIBBA photo frame that has enought space to host my project circuitry:

My idea was to relocate the back of the frame in line with the rear edge to use the empty space present in RIBBA:

Here's the back:

held in place with these tiny metal strips:

The inside of the frame seems to be a very convinient project box:

After removing the inner piece of paper, there's a nice cardboard frame I'm planning to keep in place:

Here's my idea: to put the LCD in the middle and all the circuitry nearby, masking the clear glass with tracing paper (to have a blurry vision of the circuit boards):

Here are all the circuits and components I have to fit in the frame, placed in the definitive places:

I've started putting some plastic spacers in the corners:

fixing them with hot glue:

Spacers are cut to size to leave enought space to fix the back of the frame.

All the circuitry is fixed to the back of the frame "sewing" the circuit boards with some thin wire that passes on top of the stripboard...

...and is fixed on the back of the frame with simple knots:

For example, here's a detail of the stripboard hosting the pushbuttons, with the "sewing" wire passing on the top of the board...

...and ending with two knots on the back:

Here's where the temperature sensors are connected to the thermometer, near the power connector (one sensor is hosted on the back of the thermometer itself):

Power is given by four AA batteries (in a battery holder provided with a switch) or by a wall adapter (connecting the wall adapter to the power connector, batteries are automatically disconnected).

Here's the blurry view of the electronics given by a sheet of tracing paper:

And here's the final view I'm going to achieve putting back the original cardboard frame:

To have a clear view of the LCD, I've cutted to size a window in the tracing paper:

Here's the back (hosting the circuitry) in place:

The SD card holder is on the outside for easy insertion/removal.

And here's the front:

Here's my thermometer in place and working to show temperatures and log data!

UPDATED: featured on Ikea Hackers!

UPDATED: featured on Hack A Day!