February 15, 2014

Unboxing: Opening Sugru Magnet Kit

Terrific idea from Sugru: Sugru + Magnets in a kit!

Ordered... and finally arrived!

Here's the customized envelope front:

and back:

Really a nice start.

Here's the contents of the envelope (the receipt and the kit):

Here's the kit (the little manual and the tin can):

Opening the tin can:

You can find three Sugru 5g packs and four round magnets:

Here's one magnet (you can see the round rubber that isolates a bit the magnet from the tin and makes it easy to lift up):

The cardboard packaging is very different from the one designed at first!

Now I'm ready to hack something...!

BTW, really interesting story of Where Sugru Comes From (from Make).

And from Sugru the story behind Sugru in general and this kit in particular (at the bottom of the page).